Hi. I’m Applepip and I live in New York with my husband and two boys. We arrived here in Autumn 2010 and the first few months have been a frenetic whirl of new-friend-making, neighbourhood exploration and settling into our new surroundings. Being in a new place, grappling with the daily demands of being a stay-at-home Mum (or Mom) made me think…other mothers are going through this every day, and some of them are, like me, doing it in a new place. Some of them are doing it in New York – I know, because I’ve met plenty of them. So hopefully this blog will strike a chord with mothers of small children anywhere, and mothers who are bringing up their children in a place that is new to them should identify with some of the joys and pitfalls that entails.

This does of course assume that somebody will be reading the blog. If they’re not, then those non-existent readers won’t care anyway.

Why ‘Apples of My Eye’?

Because this blog is about my perspective on two subjects, both of which can conveniently fit into an ‘apple’ analogy. (Quite a relief, as I spent many an hour deliberating over the blog’s name before I even put fingers to keyboard). Firstly, parenthood: my sons, are, of course, the two apples of my eye. It’s about life with them, the rollercoaster ride of emotions that is motherhood, and how I keep it together (and, on occasion, don’t). Secondly, it’s about how I see The Big Apple as a British girl.

So, whoever you are – enjoy the blog – and let me know what you think!

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3 Responses to About

  1. Sarah says:

    just to say I’m out here and reading!

    loving it so far xx

  2. Rachel says:

    I am thoroughly enjoying your ruminations on life in NYC with two toddlers in tow. It has restored my sense of humour when I am in serious danger of losing it sometimes. I think its great and I am full of admiration. Keep it coming. Rx

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