About me

Hello! I’m Applepip and I live in London with my husband and two boys. In the autumn of 2010 we moved from London to Brooklyn, where we spent two happy years exploring New York and making lots of wonderful friends. There I started my blog, charting our American adventures and the exploits of our sons, Bigger and Littler. From Big Apple to the Big Smoke, we are now back in the UK with a newly discovered appreciation of the country we left, and this blog continues as a record of our London life and my observations of this fantastic city in which we live.

So, whoever you are – enjoy the blog – and let me know what you think!


2 Responses to About me

  1. Anna House says:

    I’m really enjoying reading this since Kathy told me about it- Well done you!
    Your Mum sent me some photos of you all when you were in France and told me all about those dear little apple pips.
    I loved your account of the flight to NY with 2 little ones. We’ve done a few Italy flights with toddler grandchildren and even though the flight is less than 2 hours we all arrive feeling drained. Even when they are old enough to have a seat of their own they don’t actually sit in it for more than a couple of seconds! Things seem to improve only when they graduate to an I-Pad………………….
    Love to you all

    • applepip says:

      Thank you, Anna! Yes, flying with children is always a bit of a trial but fantastic when you arrive at your destination (unless it’s hours and hours ahead/behind the time zone they’re used to). Still, they have to travel if they’re going to turn into worldly men! Bigger Boy is already a great fan of the ipad (limited viewing, of course!) although he hasn’t used it since I dropped it on the kitchen table last week and smashed the screen…but we will be taking it on every journey from now on! Hope you’re all well and thanks for the comment x

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